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Roadway Projects

Silver Spring Streetscape – Glendale, Wisconsin

The renovation of this particular stretch of Silver Spring Drive was brought about by the City of Glendale’s endeavor to redevelop an area on the decline.

Special attention was paid to the streetscape design, especially the lighting aspect. Customized lighting units were designed utilizing metal banners for longevity. To minimize visual impact and to “open” up the streetscape, lighting units were placed on the outside shoulders.

In order to highlight the landscaping elements on the project, over 100 in-ground lights and 50 floodlights were added at strategic locations. All in-ground and floodlights (except signage lights) are controlled to turn off at midnight to reduce energy usage and to extend lamp life. The roadway lighting units utilize high pressure sodium lamps, while the in-ground lights and floodlights utilize metal halide lamps.




Calhoun Road – Brookfield, Wisconsin

The roadway lighting design utilized basic concepts and pre-selected ornamental pedestrian lighting units for the “Civic Center” of downtown Brookfield. The lighting units in the median provide roadway, as well as sidewalk illumination.

Ornamental pedestrian lighting units were set between the road and sidewalk for aesthetic affect and to provide additional lighting on the sidewalks. At the intersections, the ornamental units were doubled and all units had the optical assembly rotated towards the sidewalk (away from the road) to reduce driver glare. The ornamental pedestrian lighting units, along with integral festoon outlets, are controlled to turn off at midnight to reduce energy usage.


Calhoun01 Calhoun02


Lake Parkway – Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

The project encompassed Plans, specifications and estimates (P.S. & E.) for 12 contracts, extending over nine years for design and construction. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation oversaw the preliminary study and design of the tunnel and roadway lighting that was conducted for the Lake Parkway Project. The total project length is over five miles including ramps, two 300-foot tunnels and a pedestrian bridge.

The tunnels utilize a lighting control system that regulates switching of luminaires in three levels in addition to the “24 hour” level, based on ambient lighting conditions. To reduce luminaires, daylighting calculations were performed on the tunnels.